All About Measuring

Woodrow Engineering Company was founded in 1946 in the Chicago area. Over the years it has grown into the largest producer of professional scale rulers for the construction industry in the United States, as well as foot measures for use in stores and by consumers. In 1971, Woodrow Engineering Company moved to Door County, Wisconsin, the eastern peninsula cradled between the waters of Green Bay and Lake Michigan. We continue to operate here in a former cherry processing plant located in Ellison Bay, a small town at the north end of the county.

Sadly now after 78 years, Woodrow Engineering Company will be gracefully closing. The business climate got too "whacky" and I got old. It was an excellent run!!


Depending on the product, there are up to 13 steps in production. Inspection at each step is the assurance of our high standards.


Woodrow is a 2nd generation, family owned business, priding itself on knowledgeable, accurate, prompt & friendly service.

Repeat Business

The best measure of our high standards of quality and service, is the great number of our customers who continually repeat their orders. Let Woodrow's advertising products build your business.

We sell through ad speciality dealers only and do not sell directly to end users.

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